Thursday, 3.10.2019

Film Screening, 16:00h, Lichtspiele Kalk.

We will be screening various short films revolving around the intersection of being black and queer.

Come meet and talk to some of the filmmakers. Entrance: Free

Friday, 4.10.2019

Panel Discussion, 18:00h, Hörsaal G

We welcome five esteemed guests on Friday evening to a panel discussion on the “In_visibility of qt*BI*POC in Cologne”.

On the panel: Elliot Blue (film director) , Djalla Boukhari (Schwules Netzwerk Köln) , Simon*e Paetaue (film director), Ajay Sathyan (LGBT*QI*A+ activist) and Dr. Amma Yeboah (psychiatrist) , moderated by Noelle O’Brien-Coker of DEMASK.   Entrance: Free

Saturday, 5.10.2019

Workshops, 10:00 h – 17:00h, various locations; Gala, Party from 20:00h, Kulturbunker 

We invite you to a series of workshops across Cologne, participation is free and we also provide free child care. Workshops include, empowerment Workshop, Voguing Lecture and Workshop 

Join us for a night of dazzling performances by various qtiBPoc artists, which will then turn into the cutest masquerade party Cologne has yet to see! Entrance: Free

Sunday, 6.10.2019

Community Day, from 10:00h 

To conclude DEMASK invites you to our community day, to unwind in a safe space, perhaps reflect on the happenings of the weekend?

Activities include a hair politics workshop, pop-up barbershop, Bollywood lecture and workshop, an open stage, workshops for children, a queer healing salon and so much more! Entrance: Free 

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Empowerment Art

Understanding and addressing racial, sexual and gender discrimination and violence through art and expressionism (Workshop).

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Ballroom History

Voguing is en vogue again: the dance and art form that originated in Black and Latinx LGBT*QIA+-Communities in New York of the 70s has spread throughout Western Europe too: Voguing Balls where contestants compete against each other are happening all over Germany.

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Voguing Elements

 After learning about the history of ballroom culture (event link) you’ll have the chance to try it out for yourself. Zoe is a star of the German ballroom scene and a great teacher. Together with her you can learn the basics of different voguing styles as well as improve your technique if you’ve vogued before.

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Demask Collective

About US

A few words about the people behind your business, and what you stand for. DEMASK is a Cologne based collective working towards creating a series of workshops as well as other events challenging and instigating normative discourse around race, class and gender. Our main goal is to uncover what might be behind dominant perceptions of masculinity and femininity from a queer perspective. A few words about the people behind your business, and what you stand for.

A few words about the people behind your business, and what you stand for.The title “DEMASK” refers to our objective of “demasking” racism as well as taking a critically inquisitive approach towards the way we talk about masculinity, and how it intersects with race and colour.A few words about the people behind your business, and what you stand for.

HoW You can Support US

DEMASK Fest gives people space and voice that are too often marginalized, especially in this society. DEMASK wants to reward speakers and artists, who are involved in the design of our project, fairly and appropriately. We would like to provide barrier-free function rooms to try to give all interested people the opportunity to participate.

An effective way to help us with this is the DEMASK crowdfunding project on betterplace.org (Link below). In addition, time and labor are extremely helpful resources. Contact us if you want to help!

DEMASK Crowdfunding-Project on betterplace.org

Time and workforce is another helpful resource. Reach out if you want to volunteer!




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